Explore Costa Rica
Create your own adventure

Explore Costa Rica
Create your own adventure

Snorkeling & Diving

If you'd like to snorkeling there are nearby options to see the marine life. Both Playa Callejones and San Juanillo have quiet inlets and natural seaside pools which offer marvelous opportunities for snorkeling beginners as well as experienced ones.

scuba divers

Scuba Diving For scuba divers, there are many places for diving. Costa Rica has one of the most famous places in the world, Cocos Island.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Surfing & Boogie-Boarding

Just a 5 minute walk is Playa Negra which has 2 surf breaks for both beginner and experienced boarders.

Nearby SUP Wave Riders have exciting guided tours and a great selection of high quality, performance paddle boards to suit every paddle boarding level. The main guide is an Accredited Certified Level 3 Instructor, with four years of SUP experience and certified by the ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors).

Playa Ostional

One of the best beaches in the world for the observation of sea turtles.
(About 36 miles from us)

Horseback Riding

Guided horseback tours are offered by Molly, a local riding school both for beginners as well as experienced riders. Whether galloping alongside several kilometers of beautiful beaches, or calmly riding to observe the many wonders that nature has to offer, come and try it out!


Tours to the nearby “Rincón de la Vieja” National Park can be easily arranged. During the hike through the jungle, a visitor will observe gurgling geysers, hot springs bursting with sulphur, exotic animals and much more.

Visitors may also undertake a personal tour to Junquillal and enjoy the beauty of this beach for several kilometers. It is ideal for walking or for simply resting romantically with your loved one in this special region, which is bursting with multi-colored lizards, deer, raccoons, howling monkeys and exotic birds.

Oceanside Yoga

There are many options for practicing yoga in the area of Playa Negra. Whether you're a beginner or a dynamic Yogi, will be sure to find a practice area that suits your needs.

It is very easy to schedule once you arrive at Paraiso Suizo.


Hacienda Pinilla is only ten minutes away by car from Playa Negra. Its world class golf course is located in an idyllic area and it is excellently suited for top golfers. Due to its location along the coastline, it speeds up the heartbeats of golf lovers.

Wait to reserve your tee time until you arrive at Paraiso Suizo and you'll receive 50% off your round!


Enjoy the illuminated tennis court just down the road at the Guacamaya Lodge.

For reservations call: 2658-8431


Deep ocean fishing: You can fish for Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish and much more …

Seaside fishing: Take your baits to several spots on the savagely romantic rocky coast, created by volcanic eruptions, guided by an experienced local fisherman. Enrich your collection of trophies with the rooster fish, the red snapper, one of the many “rock fish” or the golden sea bass, which is considered a delicacy.

Surf fishing (shore fishing): The numerous beaches surrounding Playa Negra offer fishermen many possibilities to throw their fishing lines and find a fish, either from calm waters or from reefs and rocky points.

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